Indian chef, Gaggan Anand has garnered the title of Asia's best restaurant for his establishment Gaggan in Bangkok for three consecutive years. This place has been known for its creativity, focusing on not only its dishes, but how they are introduced as well--case in point: a menu made up of emoji illustrations

About 22 emojis, varying from pepper to butterfly gives the customers the main ingredient of the dish, leaving people guessing. Some customers have already shared what each emoji dish is supposed to be, but one thing's for sure--there are 15 appetizers, four main courses, and three desserts.

For example, Mashable disclosed that the Kiss emoji is a lip-shaped dessert made of Yuzu Jelly and Litchi on a betel leaf. Meanwhile, the Indian flag stands for the country's national drink, while the eggplant emoji is the restaurant's eggplant cookie dessert.

At the end of each meal, customers are handed out with the same menu only to find the names of dish prepared printed along the icons. Diners can now have the knowledge of what they're going to eat next time after the disclosure.

People can order the street snack Gol Gappa with the Indian emoji, Tomato Matcha with the green soup icon, and the Lamb Chop Rangoli with the tulip bouquet. The emoji-based dish will have customers paying $115 for the unique dining experience.

Gaggan Anand told the Hong Kong Tatler, "The only way to judge your team and your restaurant these days is to see what's being said about it on social media." Anand describes his menu as modern art according to the report.

However, it seemed like the Gaggan restaurant will only run up to 2020 and then Anand will have to shut the business down. But he has revealed that he will open five more restaurants in the next three years.