Being in an airplane 35,000 ft above the ground can alter travelers' taste buds. Therefore, a well-made brew is needed to challenge the issue. Now, Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong Beer Company, and McCann Worldgroup have teamed up to create the world's first in-flight beer.

The beer known as Betsy was named after Cathay Pacific's first aircraft - the Douglas DC-3 which flew during the 1940s and 1950s. Advancement in technology has led the brewery to craft a beer with aviation science and traditional brewing techniques to create a drink that tastes superbly up in the air.

General Manager and Marketing at Cathay Pacific Airways Julian Lyden said in a press release that they want passengers to experience something memorable for the first time. "Betsy beer is a great example of this. A beautifully crafted product designed purely with the traveler, and beer lover, in mind," she said.

And since Betsy is a wheat beer, passengers will get to taste less bitterness in the drink. HK Beer Company made the brew to increase its carbonation of more than 10 percent so that it can enhance the receptors on the tongue.

And for all of its worth, the world's first in-flight beer has Vitamin B because it's considered as an unfiltered brew. Some of the ingredients of Betsy include dragon eye fruit and New Territories honey from Hong Kong and Fuggle hops from Kent, UK.

At the moment, the beer is only available for first and business class passengers of Cathay Pacific. They'll need to wait five days more for the beer to roll out in all aircraft with flights between Hong Kong and the UK.

However, the Betsy beer can also be availed in Hong Kong and London Heathrow airport lounges. Some restaurants in Hong Kong like Mr. and Mrs. Fox, Cafe Gray Deluxe, Plat du Jour, Public, Sugar and The Continental are selling the beer by March.