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Five Best Places To Spend St Patrick's Day In The US

Travelers Today       By    Glory Moralidad

Updated: Feb 28, 2017 05:04 AM EST

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Ireland was introduced to Christianity when St. Patrick challenged the local druids with God by his side and called out all snakes to drown themselves in the sea. But recently, the religious feat is now a celebration of green leprechauns and beer all over the world.

Yes, not only Ireland gets to experience all the fun. Many countries are also celebrating St. Patrick's Day, especially in the US. Here's where you can enjoy the revelry if you happen to be in the states.

5th Avenue, New York. New Yorkers may not see the feat done by St. Patrick, but they happen to have the biggest party in the world. About 200,000 people march on the streets with their green highland kilts and bagpipes chiming in the celebration. Many individuals paint their faces green and don on leprechaun costumes around town. Expect beer establishments to open by 11 AM up 'til midnight.

New London, Wisconsin. There are naughty leprechauns around town that change street signs to "New Dublin." Locals within the area also dress up in Irish costume while parodying a funeral procession. Lots of theatrics happen around town which may seem quite quirky to most individuals.

Chicago City. The waters, notably the Chicago River, are dyed to green, and you can catch a glimpse of it as early as 6 AM if possible. There will be parades starting from Balbo Drive to Monroe Drive, where there will be large floats, bagpipers, and Irish dancers performing on the streets. Everyone will wear their green costumes and be holding a pint of beer in one hand.

New Orleans, Louisiana. St. Patrick's Day to them is a week-long fun. According to Trips to Discover, New Orleans is the port of entry of most Irish immigrants. And so, they've been observing the celebration since the 1800s over Irish dish ingredients like potatoes and cabbages. Beads and flowers are thrown among locals just like in their traditional mardi gras parades.

Hot Springs, Arkansas. You can enjoy the celebration with a kissing contest at Hot Springs over a couple of Elvis costume players. You'll be able to see the largest inflatable leprechaun as well as experiencing the world's shortest parade procession of only 98 ft.

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