For foodies, food festivals are their definition of paradise. Often held in different parts of the globe, traveling to all sorts of food festivals is surely a travel experience in its finest.

All sorts of dishes or specialty cuisines are usually on display and up for grabs in a food festival. Of course, no meal is complete with a cold glass of beer or any delicious drinks! Here are some of the best food festivals in the world that you must experience:

NYC Wine & Food Festival, New York City, New York. Home to some of the world's finest foods ever made, the largest food festival in New York will surely have your taste buds thank you with all the delectable cuisine laid in front of you for 4 days. It is a star-studded event, meaning famous chefs and food network hosts often mingle with the crowd during the event. Imagine sharing a plate with Bobby Flay and Giada de Laurentiis.

Pizzafest, Naples, Italy. Oh, the universal love for pizza. But to those who want to go an extra mile and celebrate this delicious concoction's existence in the world, then head on to Naples, Italy and indulge in a one-week food festival full of pizza. The largest pizza festival ever, you'll get to taste all kinds of pizza in one place, with pizza makers often showing off their pizza making skills.

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany. They say no one can drink beer like a German, why not test it out yourself and join the locals in one of the most popular beer festivals in the world? Different kinds of beer are displayed here, and aside from that local German cuisine are also featured as well. Over millions of tourists join in the Oktoberfest every year.

Pahiyas Festival, Lucban, Philippines. There are many patron saints in the Philippines, and during May 15, citizens of Lucban, Quezon celebrate the patron saints of farmers, San Isidro De Labrador by lavishly decorating their houses with food and local produce as well as hosting food parties in every block. In a typical day of Pahiyas Festival, you can go in house to house of strangers and eat to your heart's desire with genuine Filipino cuisine. And besides, you know what they say about Filipino hospitality.