Dr. Rosanne and her family had just settled right into their seats for the flight from Philadelphia going to Turks and Caicos Island on Christmas morning when suddenly two of employees of American Airlines told Dr. Bloom and her family that they need to get out of the plane for some reason and that all thier luggage had already been taken out from the plane.

But Why? The problem was Dr. Bloom was informed that her sons had suffered severe nut allergies. Though Dr. Bloom insisted saying she had medicines on board and specific food for their children, they were still not allowed even if they offered to sign a waiver.

According to Express, American Airlines cannot guarantee that customers will not be exposed to peanuts or other nuts during the duration of the flight, with that they encourage their customers to take these precautions and to have a medical professional check their health status before traveling especially during long flights.

Although the airline do not serve any peanuts on board, they do serve other nut products like in fruit salads, peanut butters and other trace elements with nut products in it that includes the peanut oils used in meals during the flight. On the other hand, other customers may choose to bring peanuts or other nut products on board which the airline cannot avoid or stop.

As per The New York Times, Individuals who suffer from severe allergies, especially food allergies can experience swelling and difficulty in breathing even just a mild exposure can trigger it on.Though there are medications to ease and reverse the symptoms, there are still cases of a severe reaction and the person suffering might need access to a hospital or a clinic at once to make sure everything is okay and not get worse.