Last Tuesday, Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai International Airport, has announced his willingness to help and assist the US Government under the administration of President Donald J. Trump for the development and improvement of American airports.

During the previous year, Dubai International Airport has recorded an overwhelming 83.6 million passengers making it the world's busiest airport in terms of international travel. Representatives from the Dubai International Airport assert that the airport would have catered a total of 85 million passengers in 2016 if issues on terrorism, politics and economy did not came into the picture.

According to a report by ABC News, Dubai International Airport has been recognized by President Donald Trump in the midst of his battle during the 2016 US Presidential Elections. In an interview with the Associated Press, Griffiths said: "We know that the global economy has slowed a little bit and the propensity for travel has dropped, but I think that 2016 was quite an unparalleled year. Fortunately, our numbers are still holding up."

The executives of Dubai International Airport, headed by CEO Griffiths, confirmed their enthusiasm to enter into consultations and dialogues towards the improvement of all airports currently operating in the United States.

"If America and President Trump would like some of the expertise from Dubai, I'm sure we'd be pleased to assist," Griffiths said. During the interview, Griffiths was also asked on his take to President Trump stand on isolating American business in the US.

He answered that the consumers will be the ones who will be greatly affected if that happens. "The result of that is reduced choice for the consumer and higher prices," Griffiths added.

In 2014, Dubai International Airport was initially declared as the world's busiest airport for international travel after it has beaten the statistics of the London Heathrow. Since then, no other airports had surpassed the records of Dubai International Airport with over 90 airlines carrying passengers in and out of Dubai.