Starting from the oyster galor in the late 18th century to the pushcats and now the food truck businesses of the 21th century, New Yorkers have always found a way to have a delicious yet inexpensive and quick way to eat in the streets. 

All over New York City, there are mobile trucks that offer cuisines from all over the world. Here are some of the best street food you would like to try when you're in the Big Apple.

Red Hook Lobster Pound Food Truck. You don't need to go to Seattle or England toget good lobster. Red Hook Lobster Pound Food Truck is just around the corner to serve you. Their lobster rolls come in Maine-style or Connecticut Style. For the Maine-style rolls its served cold with mayo all around it. For the Connecticut style, its served hot added with butter and lemon. Both rolls are stuffed with a quarter pound fresh lobster.

Calexico. New York was never known for Mexican food before according to CNN Travel. But now the city serves one of the best Mexican foods, thanks to spots like Calexico. This place started out as a small shop in a sidewalk in SoHo where they sold tacos and burritos from a tiny street cart. Over the years it has grown in fleet of carts all across the city and other locations in the U.S. as well. Their tacos are well known to be slow cooked with chipotle pork, jalapeno cheddar grits and their famous burritos packed with fish, beans, brown rice and the best part, Monterey Jack cheese.

El Olomega. One of the city's well known street food vendor, this truck has been a mecca for street food for over three decades already, serving the Salvadoran specialty known as the pupusa. According to Showtickets, these lovely masa cakes are stuffed with fillings such as cheese, pork, chicken, shrimp, vegetables or refried beans, and then A spoonful of spicy tomato sauce seals this flavorful deal.

Eggstravaganza. This Vendy award winning truck offers a both breakfast and lunch menus via sandwiches, portable platters, wraps and tacos. Dishes with a Mexican fusion are one of the best especially anything that includes its homemade chorizo that New Yorkers are always craving for.

New York Dosa Cart. This cart is a favorite among NYU students basically. For health conscious people this is the cart to try since it offers a variety of vegan dishes with lentils and rice stuffed with potato curry and again vegetables.