After the month of love is another month of global celebrations. If planning for a trip this March and one finds themselves in these locations, do not miss the chance to celebrate with the locals and feel the amazing cultural positivity associated with these five grand festivals happening in different parts of the world this March.

The Dutch know the best way to party and when in Amsterdam between the fourth and eight of March, enjoy nights of amazing dance festivals from night to morning in Melkweg and Paradiso in the joint "5 Days On." According to American Express Essentials, the festivals would also feature "film viewings nad art exhibitions" around the central theme of the "techno" subculture.

If travelers are leaving around the third week of the month to Canada, the Vancouver Fashion Week is about to happen. Not only can travelers rub elbows with some of the world's iconic individuals but seeing the movers of world fashion -- and their works on-ramp -- is a truly amazing experience.

The Holi Festival in India is about to happen in the first two weeks of March. According to Lonely Planet, this is "the most boisterous of Hindi festivals" because "it waves goodbye to winter" and "spring is welcomed with amazing colors. Indeed, colored water and powder is something commonly sprinkled among celebrators during the Festival.

Both Lonely Planet and American Express Essentials agree -- Starkbierzeit, which translates directly to "Strong Beer Time." The event, which happens around the 13th or 19th of March, could be similar to Oktoberfest -- but is considered "the little brother" because of the shorter celebration time. Strong beer time indeed; all venues serve beer by the liter with all drinks having a strong 7% alcohol proof.

Cherry blossom season happens in Japan as early as February and ends in May. The most optimal month to travel and visit would be March. Nothing more can be said about the beauty of cherry blossom season in Japan except to see it with one's own eyes and take in the view completely.