Music festivals are one of the most sought after rave parties in the world. Some are internationally-acclaimed and more popular than others, like Coachella, ULTRA, Amsterdam Dance Event, and more.

But have you heard about the biggest EDM music festival in the world? The one that all music and dance lovers alike dream of attending? We're talking about Tomorrowland. If you're planning to go, you have to start getting ready for it as early as now.

And if you're not keen on sharing an open field with strangers all around you dancing till they drop, well let us change your mind. Here are some of the reasons why you should go to Tomorrowland at least once:

It's one of a kind. There may be tons of other EDM music festivals in the world, but Tomorrowland is different. Even though you're surrounded by strangers from different countries, you feel a sense of unity among all of you. Everyone who came just wants to have fun, and all the enjoyment is shared with everyone. There's no odd man out in Tomorrowland. You party today, tomorrow, you have new friends.

The music line-up. Yearly, all the best EDM DJs and performers gather to entertain at Tomorrowland, and sometimes, you even get to hear new music from your favorite artists such as David Guetta, Steve Aoki and Martin Garrix. Tomorrowland even has its own hymn! It is composed by renowned composer, Hans Zimmer. This year, the line-up isn't finished yet, but you can check out their website if you want to see some updates on who's coming.

You get to be included in the after-movie. There are after-parties, but Tomorrowland has after-movies. Even if Tomorrowland is just for a short while, all the fun that you had can be relived over and over if you want if you watch the after-movie. If you're always in the center of excitement, there are big chances you can see yourself in the video. The filmmakers are so good, watching it will make you feel like you're there again, dancing and pumping all your problems away.

The food. Most music festivals are fun, but when it comes to food and refreshment, they usually disappoint. In Tomorrowland though, you wouldn't feel like you're in a music festival at all with the level of dishes they serve at the site. The festival is yearly held at Belgium, with sister festivals in the US and Brazil. However, if you're at the Belgium party, you'll get to experience the best Belgian food they can ever offer. Good food plus great music? Count me in!