Love was a concept first coined in Europe -- as it was English. Love's true language lay in the expressiveness of France. The taste of love came from Belgium -- hence amazing Belgian chocolates were born. Chocolates have long been a culinary symbol for love as it introduced sweetness, delight and everything else true love feels -- and these five chocolate destinations could just make that Valentines vacation more tastefully memorable.

When in Brussels, travelers who see the original 1926 Godiva store should enter and buy something. It might not be a restaurant but there is nothing more romantic than sharing a truly tasteful chocolate product even when just walking in the beautiful streets of Belgium. Choclates may come in the form of chocolate-coated strawberries or anything the shop assistant could tempt you with their "free taste" tray.

Wittamer is older than Godiva but its quality of products stand true with its brand. There is really nothing more to say after knowing the Sablon-based shop is a Certified Royal Warrant Holder of Belgium and had made cakes for royalties. Stay inside, order a humble box, smile at each other -- a truly magical and sweet experience for Valentines travelers in Belgium.

Travelers who had been into the supermarket may have noticed Cote D'or's easily recognizable logo in most chocolate bars. More than a hundred years old, its specialty shop is in Belgium and is currently offering a great selection of products specially made for those to give to their Valentine, let alone share it on the same day.

According to Rick Steves, when in Rue au Berre, Galler is a great chocolate place because of its comfortable "home" appeal and great-tasting, domestically-made dark chocolate. The distinct characteristic of a Galler chocolate is it lacks the sweetness of sugar and introduces the true concept of a chocolate treat.

The Culture Trip recommends Leonidas as an amazing chocolate destination in Belgium despite the existence of stores all over the world. Lovers can buy a box of assorted chocolates in different varieties from pralines to marzipans -- and enjoy it somewhere in the park or as an after-dinner treat for Valentines.