Check this list! Here are the world's best underground hotels that will leave anyone speechless. Prepare to get captivated with nothing like these places on Earth that can deliver a brand new taste of adventure for any travelers. Spookiness, thrill, history, and more are what they can also offer to anyone who would like to try this latest feat.

In a report by Forbes, it shares the two best underground hotels in the USA that reeks of fun for an affordable price per night. To begin, Grand Canyon Caverns for $850 a night for two people can be a good Valentine's Day getaway. It's below Arizona's land which was 220 feet under the ground.

Grand Canyon Caverns is actually the "the world's largest, deepest, darkest motel room." Hence, it has 40+ rooms that can bring any traveler to the past. Also, the place offers exciting tours for its guests like true cave spelunking and Horse trip. Planning a Vacation? Try the new tool for hotels near me checker!

For the next, Arkansas' Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is also a nice place to get a deep sleep. It's an underground hotel that offers a mix of outback living with modern amenities. Take a good rest here with $1,600 a night while acquainting one's self with the wonders of nature.

On the other hand, Independent also reports the best underground hotels in the world. For the first, Cappadocia's Argos Hotel is one of the best to try out in Turkey. It's literally a fairy tale destination carved out with volcanic lava which forms its 51 bedrooms, gardens, sun terraces, wine cellar, and cave pools.

Travelers will surely have the best time here in Argos Hotel. It's actually what tourists describe as a luxury among tunnel with everything anyone can ask for.

Lastly, Stockholm's Hotel With is another underground hotel that many describes as one of the world's best. Notably, it's not literally in a cave but under a restaurant which is tucked away in a former garage.