Japan's much-talked about Karatsu, Saga Prefecture, Yuri Katsuki's real-life hometown, announces that the place will finally be an anime pilgrimage site for the ice skating themed animation, "Yuri on Ice". Find out how it will bring the fun from television to all the possible places and adventures fans can enjoy there.

At the moment, "Yuri on Ice" Otaku fans are still waiting for more information Mitsuo Kubo will announce regarding the highly-anticipated comeback of the anime. Since its final skate, "See You NEXT LEVEL" and some tidbits of reports are the actual confirmation of it.

Now, the fans are getting a treat from Viktor and Yuri about "Sagaprise!" Saga prefecture's government along with "Yuri on Ice" representatives announced that it will finally be an anime pilgrimage site.

Anime News Network shares more about this exciting news, it highlights that Karatsu, Yuri's real hometown name, will be collaborating to offer regional products and specially themed merchandise in "Sagaprise". The fans will now experience how it feels like to be in the anime with all the places and adventures the project will deliver.

The kickoff will begin in Tokyo with "Ice Castle Sotsu" at Meiji Jingu Gaien Gokeun Ice Skating Site. Fans can come in the place and be awed with "Yuri on Ice" look alike ice rink. It will be opened to the public on March 6 and it will be a one-week event.

Accordingly, Sagaprise official website refines other information regarding the collaboration about Saga Prefecture being an anime pilgrimages site. The food and specialties will supposedly run only for two months from March 6 until May 7.

The other promotion collaboration for "Yuri on Ice" and Saga Prefecture is also now open on Japan's government website. In there are the actual Karatsu and fictional Hasetsu locations where Yuri and Viktor apparently set foot.