When Ross Poldark went to rescue Jim in his imprisonment, the scene was taken in one of Cornwall's spookiest locations, Bodmin Jail. Now, the latest about this Europe's most famous haunted place it will be soon turned into a luxurious hotel. The place will get resurfaced to accommodate 63 hotel suites and its guests.

For spotting the best place to have a vacation, traveler often looks for a place where they can find something unusual. This can refer to the stunning nature or else to the scariest sites, with regards to Bodmin Jail it's actually more on the latter choice.

In a report by Daily Mail, it highlights that Bodmin Jail, Cornwall's spookiest place to boot where 60 deadly executions were held between 1179 and 1909. On the same news, pictures of architecture plans are subjected to the public.

Supposedly, the owners plan to turn the two wings of the prison for rooms and the others for the museum and other services. Some time ago, these are also the same places where "Poldark" shot some of their best scenes.

At the moment, Bodmin Jail currently serves as a place for supernatural tours and other events. This will clearly change with the big changes the place will have as soon as the hotel construction will begin developing the area for state-of-the-art accommodation and adventures.

When "Poldark" came in Bodmin Jail, its history and haunted tales were even highlighted to many of its fans. The place is incredibly one of the filming locations people go to when going for the drama's pilgrimage as reported by Independent.

Before Ross Poldark and his crew even set foot on the splendor of Bodmin Jail, its history rich site is already well known by many things. "Spirits of Bodmin Jail, make yourselves known!" this is the common words spoken to its building walls. The Guardian brings back travelers to the past before it literally changes. Hear about its history and be awed with its natural wonders.