The Philippines isn't only known for its beautiful sun-drenched beaches to its really hospitable people. Some places of this country are also known to be the spookiest areas in the world! Here is the list of the several best places to go ghost hunting here today. Surely, it's not for the faint of hearts so travelers must prepare themselves.

To start the list, CNN Philippines introduces one of the notable places in the Philippines's central city Manila. They are even locals are afraid to go. 

Manila Film Center in Pasay, this place was built during the Marcos Era. Supposedly, it has claimed numerous lives since its construction until it closed. Many reported hearing screams and cry for help on this building until no one set foot on it again.

Manila Standard also shares another one of Philippine's scariest places, this time it's Diplomat Hotel in Baguio. Cold wintry winds, and haunted stories, these are what this site promises to its visitors.

Apparently, Diplomat Hotel's stories started as this was initially a Japanese headquarters during World War II. Now, it's one of the most common places people go for ghost hunting because they know that many people died here either because of torture or persecution. Another fact adds spice to its scary tales is Agapito Agpaoa's faith healing stories. He was supposed to have used the place to perform his psychic surgeries were most turned out bad.

Lastly, Buzz Feed concludes the lists of the best ghost hunting destinations in the Philippines. It shares about Ozone Disco Club spooky tales can really bring hair-raising paranormal stories.

For the disco club, it has claimed 160 lives when it burned down to ashes. Accordingly, this was one of the worst fires in the Philippines that until now haunts may people around it. They say that those who died can still be creepily heard screaming for help or either partying at night.