Dubai and London these are mostly the dreams countries for vacationers to travel to. Their vast beauty and notable attraction make a good location for getting the best R&R. Although, it doesn't seem to be like that for now! Most travelers also hate them, and they don't like anymore to go back for another time.

In a tourist place, attractions, adventures, cultures, and sceneries are what travelers taking on consideration before heading out. Seemingly, these aren't the only ones they should look carefully into.

According to Express' report, it recently collated Reddit users' controversial experiences in many exotic places to best to travel today. In it, Dubai and London ranked the highest as places many of them don't like to back for more.

The three countries are dream destinations for many, Dubai's amazing architecture and London's iconic attractions could have been their biggest draws for many tourists. In spite, theirs are today being clouded with some negative news about many things.

St. Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the Big Ben, these are the iconic places London boasts. Although they seem not to be enough now, "I did not like a single thing about the place, I think I just found it too overwhelming and busy with too much choice of things to see and do." one Reddit user told about the place.

On the other hand, also tells about tourists dislike about Dubai from Reddit users' comments. "Many people love the place for the ultra-modern mega malls and supertall skyscrapers. But I've been there three times and without a doubt, it's the most soulless, cultureless, and artificial city I've been to," one exclaims about the country.

Lastly, Dubai's Marina, Palm Island, and many more beautiful destinations are supposedly too beautiful for many to enjoy. They are indeed nice to look at but people crave for more personal touch with their enjoyment.