The future of fast-food chains is finally now in the US! Accordingly, Boston's McDonald's will momentarily launch their cutting-edge Big Mac ATM Machine this coming January 31. It's surely an additional feat for travelers to go there and try it. In here are more details about the exciting testing kiosk.

According to Yahoo Finance, the attention grabber Big Mac ATM is a big change for fast-food chains to establish less interaction with their customers and servers. Also, it helps a lot in terms of food delivery.

Now, travelers can easily go for their daily dose of McDonald's without driving far or calling for a delivery. They could just go to a place with the kiosks for a nice Big Mac! though, it's just in Boston this time.

"While the touchscreen pop-up will only be available in Boston on January 31, it's a permanent fixture in Tokyo," this is what Travel & Leisure revealed the news. Supposedly, Japan is already operating this kind of technology though it will be a soft release for the US now.

At the moment, the goal of McDonald's of bringing its menu closer to people is happening already. It will not be surprising if this test out on Boston area will effectively make more of Big Mac ATM around the country soon.

For those interested trying this out, Fortune has more information everyone can use. "Participants will need to tweet out their experience to receive the free meal," this is for getting the burgers. And "but fresh Macs will be constantly loaded into the machine to ensure a high-quality experience," for those who might be looking out if they the product will be fresh or not.

McDonald's Big Mac ATM will be available in Boston area this coming January 31 and will just be operating for a few hours. Travelers on vacation on this site must try this! It will exactly be in Kenmore Square from 11 am to 2 pm.