How would eating underwater be different in eating on land? Entrepreneur John Beernaerts must have taken that question to heart and opened an underwater restaurant in Belgium called The Pearl.

Enclosed in a white, spherical cabin, people can eat, drink and ponder what it's like on the waters. Don't worry, though, the small restaurant is placed in a swimming people about five meters from the below the ground.

It can fit up to four people and are served with a bottle of champagne, lobster salads and foie gras for €99. Guess who's serving the food? Waiters in scuba diving wear and gears and are completely certified divers deliver the food packed in a waterproof briefcase.

No need to worry about how you breathe in that closed cabin as oxygen is supplied by NEMO33. Beernaerts, who started the NEMO33 pool ten years ago, was quoted as saying: "We are launching a new era of restaurants."

"It's a bit like going back to a foetal state," he said. "Like in a cocoon. And you can talk, discuss, exchange - but all of this in a muffled atmosphere that sort of looks like our very early days." About 16 people had eaten at the cabin when the restaurant opened at the end of 2016.

Belgium's NEMO33 is the world's deepest indoor swimming pool. Though the facility alone offers a ground-based restaurant, people who wanted to dare to try new experiences may opt for a lovely swim and dine at its Pearl.

There's also has a bookshop, swimwear store, souvenir store, and rooms for other water activities. Captured by Reuters, are couple Nicolas Mouchart and his wife, Florence in the restaurant.

"The two of us are like a fish couple, we love being in the water. I think that, what's really cool is the fact that it is unique. It's a dinner we will remember for all of our lives."