Jay Kay and his gang of funky musicians recently announced their first new album after half a decade. The album is to be accompanied by a world tour spanning 10 countries from the Tokyo International Forum and ending in Portugal's Sudoeste Music Festival.

Much to the delight of fans and funk music listeners, Jamiroquai is releasing Automation this 2017. The world tour is in support of the album's promotion and Jamiroquai's return to the international mainstream music scene. Following the announcement of their new album is the release of a new music video featuring the single "Automaton."

Jamiroquai's eclectic electronic and funk fusion style is accented by Jay Kay's critical lyrics about the world's lenience towards unchecked technological ambitions. The runaway 90s hit "Virtual Insanity" featuring moving furniture and a world living in a post-natural habitat under the earth established Jay Kay and Jamiroquai's mainstream presence for more than a decade.

According to Consequence of Sound, Jamiroquai has yet to announce a definite release date. In the music news website's post is an embedded music video of "Automaton" and dates of all 10 worldwide music festivals; aside from those mentioned, the music festivals included are the Seoul Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotherdam and the Musilac Festival in France.

According to NME -- citing their recent interview with singer Jay Kay of the British-based funk group -- the lyrical themes for the entire album of "Automation" focuses on human efforts and perseverance dampened by comfort and convenience technology offers in the form of current technologies. While far from a "Terminator" negation of advanced AI, Jay Kay's lyrics would offer some perspective on the topic.

Jamiroquai targets March 31 for the release of their new album. No confirmed date on when it would appear on streaming services, but the possibility remains it would be simultaneous with the physical album's release.