A great fine dining experience would never be complete without wine. In fact, an amazing night of new experiences and travel will never be complete without some classy inebriation. The world sees wine as a celebratory beverage worth its weight -- and countries all over the world prove wine's loveliness through these five wine festivals travelers should experience this year.

Food and wine will always go hand-in-hand and according to Food & Wine, the Caribbean's Cayman Islands is not only a treat for the taste buds and happy tummies but self-declared connoisseurs of masterfully aged drinks would be satisfied with the wine and mixology tastings. Taste absolutely delightful Caribbean culinary pleasures coupled with some few bottles one might want to take home for future reference.

When one says wine, one thinks of Europe and the underbellies of noble houses stacking hordes of barrels aging wine gracefully with carefully selected barrel wood to taste. America's own history is rife with stories of amazing alcoholic treats. Texas is one state that loves its wine and in Austin is the Austin Food and Wine Festival -- happening in April -- combines wine tasting with amazing cook-offs and rock music events.

UK's aging cellars in Cheltenham features a Wine Festival in April as well. The retreat town runs on great-aged wine and vineyards. Chelthenham's Wine Festival features a "Grand Tasting," which according to Decanter, the festival celebrates with true and professional wine connoisseurs all over the world. If wine enthusiasts wish to sip a glass under chandeliers exuding a noble 17th century appeal, this is the place to go.

Indeed, South America loves its wine and from Puerto Rico is Jose Enrique bringing together chefs and wine connoisseurs all over the world to promote Puerto Rico's arsenal of great tasting wine coupled with native dishes created by the finest chefs of the country. Ever tasted Puerto Rican dishes with wine? No? Those who miss out miss half their lives.

April is likely the month of wine in America because the Vineyard to Vintner Wine Festival in Napa Valley, California is more than just a wine-tasting event -- travelers could explore the entire culture and trade of wineries. Also, wine-tasting is inappropriate; according to Decanter, travelers could go for "barrel tastings and food pairings in lunches and dinners." Wow.