To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Southwest's Medical Transportation Grant Program, the Southwest Airline is offering offering 10,000 free flights for patients and their families who are in need of medical attention. In what seems to be their biggest gift ever, Southwest is partnering with 75 hospitals and organizations to hand out tickets for traveling patients.

In cooperation with Musicians On Call (MOC), the two groups will also bring music to bedside patients in different healthcare centers across the country. MOC will also perform at various airports in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Atlanta for Southwest passengers as well. Southwest will also be sponsoring MOC's airfare for the first time in support of the group's advocacy.

Debra Benton, Southwest's director of community relations and charitable giving, told Dallas News: "We really believe it is our responsibility to give back, and one of the best ways we can give back is through air travel."

Since the grant program started in 2007, the company has provided 59,000 complimentary roundtrips worth more than $23 million. As of writing time, there are 109 participating nonprofit hospitals and medical organizations that have been selected as recipients of the said program.

Southwest would like to make a point that they want to make sure that it's a reputable hospital where people have to travel to be treated. Great importance is given to those medical centers that have specialties in many areas. "We're agnostic as to the disease," Benton said.

Medical transportation charities of Southwest include the Angel Flight Central, Inc., Mercy Medical Angels, Miracle Flights for Kids and the Patient Airlift Services (PALS). For information regarding the requirements for travel assistance, one can contact the Social Work, Travel or Concierge Service, or Patient Assistance Department of hospitals. More information can be found at