American travelers rejoice; Ireland and Scotland are just a few bucks away. Approved to begin its low-cost airline operations for its US to Ireland and Scotland routes, Norwegian airlines promises rates as low as $32 per flight by using fuel-efficient airplanes in its US to Ireland and Scotland routes. Londoners may also rejoice as the airline has received clearance to fly direct from London Gatwick Airport to Greece's Rhodes.

According to Travel and Leisure -- citing an FAA spokesperson -- the Norway-based airline company has received clearance to use Boeing 737-800s from New York's Stewart International airport, Rhode Island's T.F Green Airport and Connecticut Bradley International Airport for budget travels to Ireland and Scotland. Stops would include Cork, Ireland and Edinburgh, Scotland.

Norwegian Air Communications Director Anders Lindstrom said that the company was "excited" to "announce our new transatlantic 737 -MAX flights" complete with "routes, start dates and fares." The company has yet to announce the publishing of the latter information Lindstrom has mentioned.

Norwegian Airlines also has plans for London travelers heading to Greece. According to Express UK, from London's Gatwick Airport, British travelers could head directly to Rhodes without having to go with interconnecting flights in the country's other Islands. Norwegian Airlines had not flown directly to Rhodes until its new program, but flies only to four other islands -- with one airport near the Island.

According to Express UK, the direct London, Rhodes, and Greece budget flights would begin by June 17 and could cost Londoners about £30 per flight. Norwegian Airlines Chief Commercial Officer Thomas Ramdahl said the Norwegian is dedicated to "offering UK passengers even more choice and lower fares than ever before" to popular European destinations.

Ramdahl added that Rhodes in Greece is "a fantastic addition" to its growing number of UK direct flight services. Norwegian Airlines flies direct budget flights from London to Corfu, Crete, Kefalonia and Santorini.