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Glory Moralidad

Coral Reefs In Danger

Will 3D Printed Reefs Solve Coral Bleaching Problems?

News of coral bleaching left scientists aghast and sent them on frenzy on how to save them. The grandson of oceanic explorer Jacques Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau, has seen the potential benefits of installing 3D printed corals in the oceans to save the reef and the ecosystem.


best back support for driving

How To Avoid Back Pains When Doing Long Drives

Having a car saves the life of you when traveling. However, having back pains from long drives would be...bothersome to death perhaps. You don't want to have back pains during your vacation, right? So, whether you just want to go camping or move to a new town over the weekend for your holiday, here are tips to avoid back pains when going for long drives.


Will 3D Printed Reefs Solve Coral Bleaching Problems?

News of coral bleaching left scientists aghast and sent them into a frenzy on how to save them. The grandson of oceanic explorer Jacques Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau, has seen the potential benefits of installing 3D printed corals in the oceans to protect the reef and the ecosystem.


Walt Disney World

Disney May Soon Introduce Robot Characters In Its Themeparks

If you're going to Disneyland in the future, don't be surprised to see a robotic Mickey Mouse greeting children in all nooks and turns of the park. The giant company has unveiled its plans of placing artificial intelligence of its iconic characters instead of real people.


Raja Ampat reef

British Cruise Ship Destroys Indonesian Reef

A British-owned cruise ship ran over Indonesia's coral reefs at Raja Ampat after steering away from its original tour course. The Caledonian Sky Ship, operated by Noble Caledonia, has smashed about 1,600 sq m of corals in the Crossover Reef due to the vessel running on low tide.


The entire town of Tiller, Oregon, is up for sale

Oregon Town Up For Sale, Open For Developers

Property developers might be interested to know that the rural town of Tiller, Oregon is up for sale at $3.85 million. Tiller is considered as an unincorporated community set in a lush greenscape where it can be turned into a possible tourism destination, medical facility or a hemp-growing operation site.


Hollywood Theatre’s micro-cinema opens inside PDX

Movies Await Passengers At Portland International Airport's Microcinema

The Hollywood Theatre at PDX has a 1920s-themed neon pavilion and a seating arrangement good for 49 people and a $200,000 state-of-the-art technology that awaits moviegoers.


Union Station 9/30/2014 - Bach

2017 Bach Marathon At Union Station Is Back

German composer Johann Sebastian Bach will be marking his 332nd birthday, and Los Angeles will commemorate the day by celebrating the 2017 Bach Marathon at Union Station with a 10-hour play of the composer's music.


Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England

Blenheim Palace Has An Ancient Roman Coffin As A Flowerpot

A marble flowerpot in the gardens of Blenheim Palace has been discovered to be a 1,700-year-old Roman coffin worth £300,000 in value. For more than a century, the coffin was used for growing tulips in the garden of Sir Winston Churchill before an antiques expert visited the palace and took a closer look of the coffin.


Giant chinese panda

New Panda National Park Will Relocate 172,000 People

China plans to build a 10,500 square-mile national park for pandas in the country's Sichuan province to help the preservation of the endangered species, though, they have to relocate about 172,000 people to have the project realized. Inhabitants of the area have always caused concern and even threatened panda habitats throughout the years.


Hitler Paintings

Hitler's Painting To Be Displayed On Lombardy Museum

One painting exhibition in the Lombardy Museum wanted to explore the connection between art and insanity, and no other artists' works are better to be displayed than those of Adolf Hitler's. The art show, called "Museum of Madness," opened on March 11, showcases the late dictator's work of art alongside famous artists like Francisco de Goya and Francis Bacon.


Norway's Top Attractions

Norway's Theme Park To Be Viking Capital Of The World

Norway wants to be the king in all things related to Vikings, and this time, the country would want to open the largest theme park in the country, so that they can be finally called as the "Viking capital of the world." Called as Thor's Rike (Thor's Kingdom) in western Norway, it is currently in the works and wouldn't open until 2019 or 2020.


Introduction to SMARTIFY

New App Provides Access To Art Commentary To Museums

A mobile app has been deployed to the masses as a means to access more information about artworks in different museums around the world. Smartify provides art commentaries on your phone as it gets you to you to scan, identify and save art while also offering as a guide in any partner museum or gallery.


The Guggenheim

Lost Buildings Of Architect Frank Lloyd Wright To Be Restored

America will see to the restoration of the buildings made by their most beloved late architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The Frank Lloyd Wright Revival Initiative will rebuild Wright's demolished or unfinished projects starting with redeveloping the 1911 pavilion in the Canadian Rockies Banff, which was destroyed 30 years after its construction.


Bark Ranger

Meet Gracie, Glacier National Park's Protector

Crown of the Continent, Glacier National Park, has a new park, or rather, bark ranger who has a penchant for belly rubs, and the heart to protect both humans and animals alike. Gracie, the border collie, is the park's newest ranger who uses her herding skills to steer away from a group of deer from mountain lions, or glacier goats and sheep away from hunters or residential areas.


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