The controversial immigrant ban in the US sent people and companies worrying about, while Asia has other plans. The continent has lamented over the news, but it turns out they can make the situation an opportunity for them.

Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia, said in a tweet, "With the world now getting more isolationist it's time for Asean to start making it easier for tourists to come. Need an electronic Asean visa." According to our past article, ASEAN will be having its 50th birthday this year, and "they want to celebrate their 'birthday' by encouraging tourists to visit ASEAN nations with its highlight tour experiences and festivals."

Other than the 50 celebrations, 50 travel packages, and 50 tour ideas they presented, the community would also focus on education. Reuters reported that Middle East travelers prefer Malaysia as their destination with about 200,000 tourist arrivals in 2016, coming from Donald Trump's list of banned countries.

Since Malaysia is halal-certified, one can see why most Muslims want to stay there. Tourism Authority of Thailand Governor Yuthasak Supasorn told Reuters as well that, "The Middle East is a big market for us, especially in the medical tourism sector. They may choose to visit Thailand more, and this may also boost our sector."

The ban would have a huge impact in Asia, especially in the tourism sector, now that the US limits its restrictions towards other countries. Citing Travelers Today ASEAN turns to gold, Visit ASEAN 50 has the goal of local and foreign visitors experiencing "ASEAN's diverse destinations, from culinary experiences and events to engaging with local communities."

The report says, "To further entice tourists, special promotions for the celebration have been created for people to enjoy ASEAN's culture, heritage and nature - and above all, to feel the warmth of ASEAN hospitality."

When one's problem is another's opportunity - is seems to be the belief of Asia right now.