When boarding a flight, aircrafts don't allow passengers to have their pets with them in the main cabin - they stay at the compartment section in their little cages. However, Japan is set to break that rule with its first "wan wan jet" charter service that allows dogs to be with their owners in flight, hotel, cars and other tourism destinations.

Japan Airlines Co. initiated a package tour specifically designed for pet owners and their furry friends to enjoy their time together when they travel to Kagoshima Prefecture, Southwestern Japan. The total cost of the packaged tour is ¥150,000, or roughly over $1,300, and may be over ¥280,000 in some cases for the two-hour flight.

Japan Kyodo News interviewed a certain Toshihiko Kai that is traveling with his dachshund who mentioned, "It was painful for me to check in (my dog) as luggage at airport counters as it always barks." He was grateful for the new service, announcing that "Today it feels safe as it is beside me."

A Japan Airlines official also told the news site, "Air travel with pets will lead to the opening of new markets for domestic flights." Japan's dog-loving tour gained attention and was fully booked when they launched it just last month.

The airlines have booked 60 people and half of that number was slotted for pets. It also seemed like that despite being next to their owners, these dogs are still kept in cages near the window pane.

Nonetheless, it improved the tension the animals have during mid-air and it helped even more as veterinarians accompany all flights and tours in case fluffy might have a problem. As Japan Airlines moves to have this service, the country is expecting to have more crafts offer this service.

Even so, this is not the first time an airplane in Japan that allows passengers to have their dogs inside the main cabin. All Nippon Airways piloted the same service and opened the cabin to 44 dogs last year.