The recent uproar caused by Donald Trump over the controversial immigration ban had people weeping and clamoring for justice. World leaders also protested on what outcomes the new policy mean for global travel, businesses as well as the safety of each country.

Some companies defied the ban and assisted immigrants who sought refuge from the crisis. Here, we listed them below.

Airbnb offers free housing. An emergency program they call it. The company will house refugees and Muslims affected by Trump's order or barring people coming from seven countries. Brian Chesky took to Twitter to express his concern, "Airbnb is providing free housing to refugees and anyone not allowed in the US. Stayed tuned for more, contact me if urgent need for housing." Airbnb hosts and friends also poured their support for the program and protested against Trump's will.

Starbucks. People go crazy for their coffee, and it seemed that the company is willing to lend their hands to the people who supported them through all these years. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz might have stepped down from his position, but when it comes to his feelings about the travel ban, he won't let anyone step on him. Starbucks seeks to hire 10,000 immigrants hit by the policy.

Microsoft, Amazon, and Expedia. Three techno giants would back immigrants on this law. According to Fortune, Microsoft is "cooperating with the attorney general's office." Meanwhile, CEO Jeff Bezos said, "To our employees in the U.S. and around the world who may be directly affected by this order, I want you to know that the full extent of Amazon's resources are behind you." Expedia is seen to support the lawsuit against the new law.

Conde' Nast Traveler. That travel magazine which caters to luxury travels made a stand when it featured a video of a series of images of the banned countries. Though some have praised the site for its stand against racism and the immigration ban, some have harsh words for them too.

Viber. Viber would let you call your loved ones whether they're in the US or among the seven banned countries listed by Trump. Its developer, Rakuten has strong sentiments about what's going on. Therefore as its response to the new law, free international calls will be made available to the countries.