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Glory Moralidad

Gellert Bath & Wellness Spa - Budapest Hungary

Five Of The Best Bathhouses In The World

If you think that bathhouses only belong in the past, well, you're wrong. Public bathhouses are still well-loved all of these years, and people really treat them differently than your average public swimming pool. Bathhouses are there in various countries for people to have fun and relieve them of their pain and blood circulation problems.


U.S. government began the ban on laptops

Air Flight Laptop Ban In Muslim-Majority Nations Begins

The U.S. government began the ban on laptops and other electronics larger than a cell phone on Tuesday morning from eight Muslim-majority nations, nine airlines, and ten airports. The new policy is a measure against terrorism that continues to target air flights and consumer technology for their attacks.


Jesus' Tomb To Be Unveiled After $4 Million Renovation Project

Jesus' Tomb To Be Unveiled To Public After Nine-Month Renovation

Jerusalem unveils to the public the most sacred monument in Christianity which was believed to be where Jesus was kept after his crucifixion and up to his ascension to heaven. After nine months of renovation, Jesus' tomb will officially open at a ceremony in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre following a $4m grant for restoration.


Torres del Paine Circuit & W in Chile

Chile Will Have New And Expanded National Parks, Thanks To Private Donation

Chile will have new and expanded national parks this year thanks to Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, wife of the famous conservationist Douglas Tompkins, donating about one million acres of land and the country's government with President Michelle Bachelet of 10 million acres of federally-owned acreage.


Auckland Vacation Travel Guide

New Zealand Is Running Out Rooms For Travelers

New Zealand is running out of hotel rooms for travelers due to the rapid growth of tourists coming in the country.


China Puts Facial Recognition Device In Public Restroom

Facial Recognition Software Installed In Beijing's Toilet To Avoid Toilet Paper Theft

Automated facial recognition dispensers are installed in Beijing's public restrooms to curb paper toilet theft from people who take large amounts of the strips at their homes.


Kasumigaseki country club

Japanese Olympic Golf Course To Grant Women Full Membership Rights

Japan's Olympic Golf Course will grant women full membership rights to play at the venue after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has threatened the golf course to scrap its Tokyo 2020 status if it does not admit women to golf in the area. The Kasumigaseki Country Club will host the men's and women's tournaments in July and August 2020.


The Abduction Of Pocahontas

Pocahontas Statue Recognized As Historic Monument

The life-sized Pocahontas statue at the Church of St. George Gravesend, Kent, England has been relisted as a historical monument during the heroine's 400th death anniversary.


Mount Everest

Everest Climbers To Be Strapped With GPS device

Climbers on Mount Everest will be required to strap a GPS device for their own safety and to avoid telling lies of reaching the peak by the start of April during climbing season. The technology will be able to locate travelers quickly when they're in trouble as hundreds of people are expected to climb Mount Everest this year.


An architectural masterpiece

Five Buildings Around The World With The Most Beautiful Ceilings

Travelers usually go to a certain tourist site and appreciate only the building's outside and inner façade. They never know that looking up towards the ceiling is even a more pleasant view to hold. So, here are five building that has the most beautiful ceilings. Next time when you're here, don't forget to crane your neck up.


PT-305: The Ride of a Lifetime!

National WWII Museum Offers Fastest Torpedo Rides From WWII Boat

The National WWII Museum will now offer fast torpedo rides to the public from a WWII boat in Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans on April 1. The Patrol Torpedo boat, PT-305, the world's only fully restored combat-veteran vessel, will bring interested locals and travelers into a 90-minute ride on the waters and another 45-minute deck tour about the history of the patrol boats.


Sea of Stars

Beach in Tasmania Glows With Sea Sparkle

Bright blue lights glowed at the shores of Preservation Bay, Tasmania were seen at this time of the month by photographer Brett Chatwin. This phenomenon is uncommon and caused by a bioluminescent alga called noctiluca scintillan, or popularly known as "sea sparkle" when the organisms are feeling stressed.


Gilded Age New York

Explore NY Culture During The 19th And 20th Century With Gilded New York App

The Museum of the City of New York in collaboration with the inaugurating the Museum's Tiffany & Co. Foundation Gallery has launched a mobile application that allows users to discover the art culture of the elite during the late-19th and early- 20th centuries of Ney York. The "Gilded New York" is a walk-through guide that takes users on a tour of the city where the rich people have been, and where the most popular sites were during its heydays.


Aerial Tour of Cornwall

Protecting Cornwall From Ethnic Oppression and 'Disneyfication'

Cornwall should be protected from ethnic oppression and ''Disneyfication'' of its culture and heritage according to the Council of Europe. The protection of national minorities has always been seen neglected by the UK government which only recognized Cornwall and its inhabitants as "minorities" by the start of 2014.


The Escape Artist

Top Five Most Exciting Escape Rooms In The World

More people are playing the Escape Room Game as they battle out the maze using only their intellect to save them from various themed monstrosities like zombies, clowns or even evil bosses! So, if you're a traveler who would want to experience fun and thrills, you can check out these escape rooms around the world.


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