Why have your luggage checked in when you can just wear it with the new Airport Jacket that has 14 deep pockets that could carry items up to 15 kg? Manufacturing company Juice Promotions Australia wants tourists to have a seamless travel experience by getting rid of excess baggage problems.

JPA, together with jacket designer Andy Benke, would like people to avoid baggage queues, overcharged baggage fees and the loss of baggage by creating a "luggage" that can be worn. The jacket can be worn in many ways, but if dressed fully, it boasts of carrying about two laptops, camera, iPad, shirts, pants, and even two pairs of shoes.

Travelers can wear Airport Jacket upon checking in and boarding the plane and take it off once they are out of the gates. The jacket can be unzipped and turned into a bag at the same time while holding all 15kg items.

Benke told the Daily Mail UK that the jacket is, "Perfect for the business executive, moms on-the-go or anyone in a rush." The concept was made after Benke, and Claire Murphy was traveling back home with their newborn child.

The couple shared that the airlines tried charging them of $140 for extra the baggage they have to check in because of their child. They tried stuffing in the items they have in their pockets even though that made their trip uncomfortable. Thus, the idea of the Airport Jacket was materialized.

Benke advised tourists to follow airport guidelines first of all before stashing what items they should be bringing. The jacket is more practicable for economy travelers who want to keep their budget tight, though.

Will the jacket attract attention from airport officers, though? Benke assured that the Airport Jacket is only good for checking-ins and boarding the gates.

But how would people handle worth of 15kg worth of travel items? That question hasn't been raised yet.