Have you ever had those days where you're stuck in a rut, wanting to travel far but don't know where exactly to go? We suggest for you to follow these guys on the internet so to get inspired to go. Who knows, you might find your perfect vacation destination when you get to read their stories.

One Step 4Ward. Irish guy Johnny Ward has traveled around the globe, and he will excite you with his stories and experiences in different communities. Reading his blog will give you insight on how to go quite differently like Racing Tuktuks around Sri Lanka or build a playground for a school in need in Battambang Cambodia. We implore you to read for experiences and more of his crazy travel stories.

The Broke Backpacker. Will Hatton provides you insight on how to travel on a budget yet still having the best time of your life. If you plan to go backpacking when you travel, trust the guy to teach you how. From the ten cheapest places to go backpacking to exploring 'dangerous' countries through Couchsurfing, you'll find loads of ideas to travel on a shoestring while at the same time mingling with local communities.

The Expert Vagabond. Matthew Karsten is a travel photographer, and he can show you more from his lenses if you get to follow him. Tried eating a scorpion or other insects to munch on? He has the photo to prove it. His Instagram posts get you to look at different places from Africa to Oceania - places where you never though existed. Not only he shares his photos with you, but he also offers tips on traveling and handling that camera of yours.

Foster Huntington. What is it like in the great outdoors? Tree houses, night camps, and surfing are among he likes to take. If you want to leave the city for a break in the woods, check out his Instagram for the best places to camp. He even offers the places for you to have fun surfing, skating or sailing in a lake. Fond of nature? Follow this guy.

Patricia Schussel Gomes. This girl takes you to the mountains and the heavens with her photos. Camping or vacationing in the most unusual places like deserts and lagoons. See penguins, giraffes, and baboons in her posts and how wildlife is in their natural habitats. Gomes has been to the Lagunas Escondidas de Baltinache, Piedras Rojas San Pedro De Atacama and Hwange National Park among many of her hundreds of travels. If you don't know where they are or how to pronounce it, follow Patricia Schussel Gomes now.