We often tag Sin City with showgirls, cards, dice rolls, and slot machines that dominate the gambling nightlife of Las Vegas. However, they seem to be a thing of the past, now that Vegas is rebranding itself to be an arcade center for hipsters.

These new attractions in Las Vegas encompass not only the usual video games but welcome pop culture playoffs like Pac-Man to foosball, or Jenga to beer pong, to name a few. There are dozens of establishments in Las Vegas that loves to cater to the younger crowd.

For example, Level Up of the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino offers the first-ever indoor laser golf course couple with familiar video games nerds and geeks would love to have. They also have plenty of beer pong tables and an arm-wrestling table. Prices for this hipster arcade ranges from a dollar or two.

A more niche-focused Las Vegas for high-time arcade players can be found at Fremont Street called the 'Insert Coins.' It is a video game themed club has a wide selection of console and games you can try. Classic arcade plays are also available. And if you don't want that, you can sing and dance to the beat of their music.

The Artifice in Las Vegas caters to the artsy type of people around Sin City. Painters, musicians and live performers play contemporary music and do live paintings. Some activities include LGBTQ nights, goth nights, and steampunk fashion shows according to Vegas' official website.

But what started this trend? Most people attribute it to Gold Spike, which used to be a casino, but suddenly turned into a place where "kids who grew up" can play giant beer pong and a life-size Twister. The Spike started the arcade hipster feel of Sin City which other establishments have picked it up and followed the style, thus becoming a trend in Las Vegas.