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Champagne Anyone? Las Vegas Hotel Has A Champaigne Vending Machine

Travelers Today       By    Marc Delize

Updated: Feb 16, 2017 04:44 AM EST

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Do you remember in the song, "tiny bubbles in the wine - make you feel happy, make you feel fine."? Las Vegas visitors can now experience the same, as a Vegas hotel now has a vending machine that dispenses champagne for you. 

The machine is a Moët & Chandon vending machine serving up mini-bottles of champagne. It can be found at the 23rd floor at the Sky Lobby of the Mandarin Hotel. The Mandarin Hotel is located at The Strip In Las Vegas. It was opened a only few months ago, reports Travel + Leisure.

The vending machine dispenses small bottles of champagne. Each bottle holds up about a glass and a half. They also come along with small flutes for impromptu toasts. The vending machine is so well made that each champagne bottle is dispensed without having been shaken by delivery - which means it's not surprising champagne bursts upon opening.

The vending machine has a capacity for 320 mini bottles of champagne. You can choose between Imperial Rose or Moet's Imperial Brut, "the same 187-milliliter splits of Brut or Rosé Moët & Chandon Imperial that were served at this year's Golden Globes Awards", according to Viva Lifestyle and Travel.

For guests to buy from the vending machine, they must first purchase a $20 gold coin with a Moët logo from the front desk. Also, they must be able to show that they are at least 21 years old. Remaining classy, each bottle comes with a champagne flute bottle topper, and each is dispensed carefully so as the bottle will not crack.

The machine is presently the only public champagne vending machine in the United States. The only same vending machine there is, is the one for employees at the corporate offices of Moët-Hennessy in New York City. The champagne vending machine was first shown to the public at Selfridges department store in London as a Christmas promotion in 2013.

Some studies have shown that drinking three glasses of bubbly every day helps to prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's. Up to you if you want to believe this, but if you simply like champagne, do know that there's this new brilliant idea waiting for you in Vegas. 

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