Wine and champagne have always been on the top lists of any French menu and tourists' lists of must-haves with its gamut of drinking hours running from breakfast to evening. However, one Paris underground bar wants to add whiskey to every traveler's list by setting up a pub underneath the city serving 1,000 kinds of whiskey drinks.

That's the declaration of Golden Promise - to deliver whiskey nowhere else to be found. The bar can be found beneath the La Maison du Saké, second arrondissement in Paris with 200 types of whiskey and Japanese tapas, 800 more of rare whiskey samplings and a special corridor full of Salon Japonais, Japanese whiskeys.

The bar has a collection of drinks found in other countries like Scotland, Ireland, America, India, and Taiwan, among other locales, according to The Lonely Planet. This Paris underground bar was founded by Youlin Ly and Julien Boitard together with the La Maison Du Whisky, hiring French jbmn architects to decorate the place.

Boitard told The Lonely Planet, "The main challenge for this project was to create an independent bar within an existing restaurant. The concept we developed was inspired by the speakeasy, an old metallic and rusty door giving access to this hidden place where people can enjoy whiskeys nowhere else to be found."

The Paris underground bar was once a cellar now turned into a haven for whiskey lovers. Golden Promise is divided into three sections where the first 200 spirits and tapas are served, another for testing 800 rare whiskeys and the last which is only for Japanese drinks as stated above.

Jbmn architects have left the stone walls and vaulted ceilings in its place but were rather placed side by side with chic designs and minimalistic furniture. All the whiskeys have been stacked quite neatly in each wall, where Parisians and tourists alike can have a sip and say whiskey should also be on everyone's list of drinks when they're in Paris.