With 2016 coming to a close, foodies everywhere are looking for the next big food trends. Hotels and restaurants are aching to find the world's newest culinary leaders and well, they've made themselves known. Here the five biggest culinary trends we're bound to see in 2017.

First and foremost, we're going to have to give credit to what will probably be the most popular cuisine in 2017. Having been rewarded its first independent Michelin gourmet food guide, and receiving an intense downpour of stars and fusions, props have to be given to the savory food of SEOUL.

According to Traveller, this Korean food destination is going to be tearing up the food scene in the next year. With offerings ranging from luxurious fine dining to heart-warming bulgogi and Korean fried chicken, you can be sure to see more Seoul-based menu items popping up in restaurants everywhere.

Next, we'll have to mention what will probably be the biggest gimmick in terms of food. With flaming dishes, instant cooking, and finger foods out the window, the world is making way for a bigger gimmick: MOVABLE FEASTS.

No, we're not talking about food that's literally moving. We're talking about five-star buffets and gourmet meals being served on moving vehicles. With the emergence of Japan Rail's new five-star train and Royal Caribbean's Oviation of the Seas, foodies are flocking to air, land, and sky, to get their food fixes.

Drinks have always followed a certain standard with German beers and French wines always seeming to lead the pack. However, 2017 is definitely a year of change. How much change? Well, how about changes like English wines, Tasmanian beers, and airline-made health drinks?

You read that right! England is coming up with some incredible critically-acclaimed sparkling wines that rival even the most classic of French champagnes. Tasmania has left a lasting impression with its long trail of micro-brewed whiskies and beers.

Furthermore, airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific have begun packing their menus with "power drinks" made with fresh fruits and vegetables. This is being done in a movement that is meant to make air travel a more revitalizing experience.

 Culinary competitions will also be seeing a significant change in 2017 with them being held in different locations. For only the second time in its history, The World's 50 Best Restaurants competition will be held outside of the London base.

In 2017, the world-leading chef and restaurant ranking will be determined by a competition held in Melbourne, Australia. The event that will determine the listings is bound to be a real circus act, so expect extra coverage in the Land Down Under.

Finally, it's time to take a look at what is potentially going to be the biggest food group to rock our plates in 2017. Although veganism and vegetarianism are both rising in popularity in areas such as California and The UK, they won't be taking over the world just yet.

According to Fodors, 2017 will be a year for SEAFOOD. With the rise of popular tourist locations such as Hawaii, British Columbia, Greece, and Italy, the world is expecting to see a rise in seafood menu items all over the world. These savory creatures are already highly popular in all kinds of cuisines, but will probably be seeing even more action in the year to come.

So, there you have it: 2017's most exciting food trends. Be on the lookout for these trends in your own hometown or neighborhood. We hope the New Year brings you more gourmet adventures and more culinary escapades to come!

For more things to expect in the coming year, be sure to check out the video down below. It's full of some fun and exciting things to look forward to in 2017.