The Michelin Guide for Hong Kong and Macau 2017 has been released, naming 238 of the best restaurants in the cities. The guide includes eighty starred restaurants and seventy-five rated eateries.

The guide indicates that of the eighty starred restaurants, sixty-one are located in Hong Kong and nineteen are located in Macau. The featured restaurants cover a wide selection of cuisines including Japanese, European, authentic Chinese cooking, and cooking fusions.

According to the Hong Kong Michelin Guide Official Website, the Michelin Guide 2017 features nine Hong Kong and three Macau-based restaurants that have just recently received their first Michelin stars. The guide also recognizes restaurants that have been promoted to two star statuses.

In a report by CNN, it was stated that no new restaurants have managed to break into the exclusive three-star ranking. However, the guide continues to give credit to three-star mainstays such as Bo Innovation in Hong Kong.

A total of fifty-three one-star, nineteen two-star, and eight three-star establishments have been named throughout the 2017 guide. Additionally, seventy-five rated eateries have been Bib Gourmand-rated eateries have also been named throughout the food guide.

Bib Gourmand ratings are defined as distinctions given by inspectors to eateries that serve quality menus with three dishes at a maximum price of HKD 300. This is only the second year of the street food section's inclusion in the guide, with its initial addition in the Michelin Guide 2016.

Last year, in an interview conducted by Forbes, the guide's public relations stated that the addition of this selection is a first for Michelin Guides. They continued to state that since the guide is meant to reflect restaurant scenes in countries, it makes sense to include street food in the Michelin Guide Hong Kong/Macau, considering it plays an important role in the cities.

The original press releases, as well as a complete list of starred restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau can be found on the guide's website