Tourism in Taiwan continues to flourish--according to reports, there has been an increase of 4.84% this year in the number of foreign visits. This is because the country continues to come up with unique activities and trends for visitors, and prioritizes 

If you're making your way to the country's capital--the beautiful Taipei--soon, here are some of the things in store for you. 

Indulge in street food

Taking a Xiaoye to the local night markets at Ningxia or Tonghua means an exposure to the country's bizarre, yet, appetizing line of foodstuff. Savour the medicinal Sishen soup which is made from pig's intestines, Chinese barley and Chinese herbs. Delight in the Taiwanese version of a hamburger, called as the Gua Bao, a pork belly meat in between wheat buns and garnished with pickled vegetables. Dare to try the Ti-Hoeh-Koé, commonly known as Pork Blood Cake, and feel the mixed flavor of pig's blood, sticky rice, soy broth, peanut butter in tiny cakes stuffed up in a stick.


A one-hour bus ride from Taipei will bring tourists to a lovely hiking destination named as the Yangmingshan National Park. Established in 1985, it nestles hiking trails, biking tracks, footpaths, parks, camping ground, historical landmarks, mountains, and streams. To appreciate a safe hike, amateur hikers may contact associations registered in the government and look for hiking partners. 

Appreciate an island.

In the same country but in another sphere, tourists can visit a place in the southeast coast. It gives dwelling to the islanders who are also known as the Tao or Yami. Lanyu or the Orchid Island is a special island because of its dwellers, history and, culture. Visitors can get to know this island, by cruising on a scooter along curvy roads while meeting different animals roaming on the road. Tourists may also walk on and move up the rock formations such as the Lover's Cave and Battleship Rock. Snorkelling and diving pastimes could also be arranged with tour operators. Guests may also stop over at the Lan En Cultural Gallery to buy the local arts and handicrafts.

Explore trendy neighborhoods.

These days, the Shi-da and Gongguan districts are giving thrills to youngsters because of its very chic concept. The Shi-da Night Market is busy with shoppers finding promotions and good deals. On the other hand, the Gongguan is busy with underground music lovers. What's so trendy about these two neighbourhoods is that they are situated next to big universities, National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan University.

Have fun and dine at  themed restaurants

As weird as it may seem, there is a culture of themed restaurants in Taiwan. One such popular culture is that from the Modern Toilet Restaurant which serves dishes in bathroom items-like tableware. Another interesting concept is a puppetry theatre which is being used by See-Join Puppet Theater Restaurant. In addition to this culture of themed style is a restaurant called Carton King where everything around the place is made from cardboard.

There is no wonder that a total of 3,956,509 foreigners have visited Taiwan from January to September of this year. Make journey of street food, hiking, water sports, trendy neighbourhoods and themed restaurants begins sooner! 

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