It's undeniable, there's peace in solitude. It makes you able to connect with your surroundings and most of all - yourself.

Seen in the movie Eat, Pray, Love, Liz was able to step out of her comfort zone (and a mess of a life) and find solace in her solo journey. Her thinking became clearer, more sensible and more rational.

Solo travel will allow you to immerse yourself in the community and at the same time, create a connection with the ground you are standing on. Here, we will give you suggestions of the perfect destination for soul searching, or basically a break from the fast pace of your life.

1)    Barcelona, Spain

There is no better way to make a connection than going to a place renowned for its historic and architectural exquisiteness.

The dining options are great here, ranging from al frescos at waterfront Paella restaurants to counter-seat Tapas bars. When almost everything is walkable, it's unlikely to get lost. But if you do, it's not so bad either. Sometimes, it's when you get lost is when you definitely value the feel of travelling alone.

And Barcelona, Spain is the perfect place for that.

2)    Seattle

A solo traveler-friendly place, Seattle is home to the best coffee in the country.

With a buzzing coffee culture, it's not hard to find your place alone. A number of bars and cafes are full of solo diners and drinkers.

Even in the downtown area, you could travel between sights, eat at local restaurants and shop on foot. And after visiting Pike Place Market, Space Needle or the funky EMP Museum, coffee stops are on almost every corner.

3)    Prague, Czech Republic

Travelling to this small European gem is like stepping foot in a fairytale. With its endless history constituting to its culture and surroundings, you might find what you have been searching for here.

Prague boats of the best beer in Europe and with everything going slow around you, relaxed drinking can be achieved here.

4)    Dubrovnik, Croatia

Just imagine: an oceanfront medieval city, historical forts, cobblestone streets and an endless coastline of pristine beaches.

Dubrovnik has been catering to a growing amount of tourists because of its low crime rate and ease of travel. While walking along the immaculate walls that you may have seen in Game of Thrones, you will get a bird's eye view of the Adriatic coast line here. Artisanal shops and local eats are also a must-try here.

So basking in the sun in your favorite sundress or khakis is definitely possible here.

5)    Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, will offer you so much that taking it all in would be really overwhelming. A mix of history and urbanization, both markets and temples are of easy access here.

When visiting, make sure to zip through the night markets and still be experience Taiwanese culture through their food and the amazing finds in the small shops. Don't worry though because the city is really solo traveler-friendly. Street signs and public transportations are in English.

Make your first destination the place you have always wanted to go to. And don't be afraid to get lost.