Beer - that heart-warming drink that you consider your companion. Brewed to perfection by the finest artisans, it's hard to avoid its impeccable goodness and taste. The best city for the perfect brew? That's a pretty hard question. Below are cities considered as the places-to-be when looking for that perfect beer that would just dance with your taste buds.

Just like how the locals say "cheers!" in Lisbon, Saude!

Norwich, Britain

Known for its 10-day beer festival, the "City of Ale" celebration, Norwich has gained a lot of recognition for its fine breweries and local pubs.

During the days of the festival, beer dinners and brewer events take place. Pubs and breweries also serve the finest of the finest. The Adnams Lighthouse is one of these, with its light, golden color and delicate fragrance.

Another icon is the Tally Ho, which is a barley wine style beer that is dark mahogany red in color.

Sheffield, Britain

A recent university study declared Sheffield the "World's Best Beer City". Though it may have caused a ruckus, they may actually deserve the title.

The streets are lined with a number of breweries and pubs--the first pub that you see the moment you get off the train on platform 1 is Sheffield Tap.

One drink to never miss is the Thornbridge Jaipur at the Bath Hotel.

Dublin, Ireland

This Irish state is world-renowned for its staple drink - Guinness. Basically, this brew is considered a way of life here and they are definitely all about the classics. When in Dublin, make sure to go to the Guinness Storehouse Tour and here, you get a free pint of gravity beer.

Among the famous pubs are Porterhouse Craft Beer Revolution, Dawson's Lounge and Stag's Head. One emerging brew is the Brown Paper Bag Project - an indie gypsy owned mix of brews.

Munich, Germany

Home of Oktoberfest, Munich has stood for so long giving the locals and tourists beer satisfaction.  At an average of 3 euros half a pint, the classic Munich Helles Pale Lager is a crowd favorite.

Other than the world-famous beer festival, it is also home to the World's Oldest Brewery - Weihenstephan and the Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall.

Portland, Maine

 Portland is considered to garner the greatest beer in Northern America. Along with lobsters and relaxing ocean views, they offer the finest beer too.

Allagash Brewing Company located in the northern outskirts of Oregon brews artisanal Belgian style craft beer. Portland is also home to Deschutes and Widmer Brothers.

Melbourne, Australia

World-renowned for Foster's Lager, Melbourne is also lined with pubs and local breweries catering to patrons. It's no big surprise they have such a following since they are the home of Carlton and United Breweries.

The Alehouse Project in East Brunwich is by far, the most buzzed pub in Melbourne. Another plus is that the watering holes here are really cheap, especially tap. Spanning at around A$5, you could already avail of the delightful drink Australians love.

Tokyo, Japan

Though it may not seem like it, Tokyo has also started brewing its own concoctions. From local varieties on tap to refreshing cans in vending machines, it's no wonder they are considered great innovators. A relatively new and exciting buzz in the Japanese Craft Beer scene is Ji-Biru.

When visiting Tokyo, don't miss the champion of Tokyo beers, Popeye, in Ryogoku. They have 70 beers on tap, including local beers that are hard to find somewhere else. You could also ask for a beer tasting from them. Craftheads and Good Beer Faucets should be put on your itinerary too.

The average price for a pint in Tokyo is around ¥1,200 and beers in vending machines are around ¥250.