In the past, the notion to go on a journey alone can be overwhelming, especially, when you are a woman in your 30s. These days, solo travelling for women in their 30s has become more common--according to research, the number of younger women inclined to travel are actually increasing.

In the recent publication of the Trip Barometer Travel Trends 2016, it was stated that, "Millennials are the most likely to want new experiences." Their statistics show that 28% have planned holidays on adventure, 25% on solo travelling, and 23% on cruise.

In her article, Marybeth Bond asserts that, "Women- young, old, single, married, widowed and gutsy are fueling an explosive growth in travel industry."

Take a look at these five solo travel destinations and include them in your plans.

1. Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Heading to the western portion of Vietnam and cruising along what the citizens consider to be the "Mother of All Rivers," a solo female traveller would be astounded with the perseverance of the Vietnamese people.

Hundreds of farmers wake up as early as 3 in the morning to be able to sell their crops to merchants. Bargain hunters and customers are everywhere in the floating river to get great deals.

This kind of sightseeing teaches a solo female traveller about determination and hard work. Moreover, looking at women paddling the boats show tourists a different kind of women empowerment.

2. Ahangama, Sri Lanka

This amazing place in in the southern region will teach a solo female traveller about the concept of healing and balanced wellness.

Ahangama nestles several remarkably beautiful surf points which inspire women to strive for a strong physical and inner being. Most hotels and agencies include an itinerary of guided meditation, Yoga sessions, digital detox, vegetarian diet, surfing lessons and sessions, massage and spa treatment.

This kind of experience will give a fresh perspective to a solo female traveller about living life with a sense of balance.

3. Paris, France

Paris is a very romantic place and a typical honeymoon destination for newly-wed couples. It reminds us of celebrated love. Solo female travellers can also choose this as their "honeymoon" destination for themselves. An experience of the leisure, culture, style and food can be a good treat for one's self.

4. Tokyo, Japan

With all the contribution of Japan to the global community, it is a suitable place for solo female travellers to appreciate work ethics--ie. to be able to provide the world masterwork such as Toyota, Nikon, Sony, Mitsubishi, Uniqlo, Hitachi, Toshiba arequires quality and perfection.

A trip in Tokyo will help fuel work excellence and confidence among young women.

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia's tag line of "Truly Asia"  lives up to its diverse nation. In Malaysia, the population is composed of varied ethnic groups of Bumiputera, Chinese, Indians and others.

An exposure trip to this city and country can be a learning on interacting with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds. Taking a trip to this place will teach solo female travellers to recognize the challenges of inter-racial communication and use practical ways to overcome them.

For the women in their 30s, today, more than ever is the best time to explore and learn from solo travelling. Gear up and be prepared for what you can discover about the world and about yourself.