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Strange Laws

Watch Out For These Bizarre Laws Around The World That Will Get You In Trouble

Some places have unusual mandated laws. This is why tourists must acquaint themselves with it before immersing themselves in whatever the place has to offer.


Sri Lanka Travel

Reasons Why You Should Travel To Sri Lanka This Year

Sri Lanka is slowly becoming a top travel spot. Here's why it could be the next Bali or Thailand.


Five Things That You Must Know Before Traveling To Sri Lanka

Five Things That You Must Know Before Traveling To Sri Lanka

The best thing to do before heading to a travel abroad is to have knowledge on the things and circumstances that you might encounter throughout your entire trip. And if you are having plans of going to Sri Lanka, here are some of the things that you must know.


Maldives Islands See New Wave Of Chinese Tourists

The Maldives New International Airport Boosts Tourism

Its torquise-colored beaches, coconut trees and tropical weather makes Maldives a fantastic travel destination. With the opening of Gan Airport, the country can host more tourist this year.


Six Months After Tsunami in Sri Lanka

Experience The Famous Stilt Fishing In Sri Lanka in 2017

Get away to Sri Lanka and witness the famous stilt fishing in the south western parts of the country. Know more about this method, climb up, perch on the stilt and catch your fish.



National Geographic Travel Reveals Top Winter Destinations Of 2017

From the wintry fairylands of old Quebec City and Russia, to sun-soaked escapades in Sri Lanka and Tonga, National Geographic Travel came up with a list of the best 2017 winter trips.


Temple in Sri Lanka

The Best Luxury Hotels In Sri Lanka

Home to ancient cities, tea plantations, a delectable cuisine, Sri Lanka possesses an exceptional offering to its sightseers. First thing that tourists look for is accommodation and the country has a wide selection for all types of tourists. Do you want to enjoy an extravagant experience and splurge a little? Stay in the best luxury hotels in the country.


Best Islands to Visit in Indonesia

Travel Tips: Retirement Destinations in Asia

Published in the Market Watch site, there are several ways pensioners use their valuable time and finances during retirement and one of those is travel. There is a vast selection of cities and countries that on can go to in order to truly delight in a retirement travel.


Female solo traveler

Solo Travel Destinations For Women In Their 30s

In the past, the notion to go on a journey alone can be overwhelming, especially, when you are a woman in your 30s. These days, solo travelling for women in their 30s seems to be the movement. According to research, the number of younger women inclined to travel are increasing.


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Travel Tips: How to Get Around Sri Lanka By Bus

On a busy weekday, the main roads and streets of Sri Lanka are crammed with hustling buses and resounding honks carrying great crowds of rushing students and workers. Buses are fast and affordable to most passengers, however, one has to know the tips to be able to enjoy this crazy adventure ride.



The Best Health Retreats In Sri Lanka: 5 Places Of Healing

Because of its verdure and traditional surroundings, Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is said to be the sanctuary for reviving one’s body and spirit. It provides the perfect scene to those who would like to take the time off from their active lifestyle. Get yourself a fragment of this country and treat yourself to these 5 amazing fountains of peace and wellness.


Sri Lanka Flag

Ancient Cities Of Sri Lanka: Top 4 Destinations To Bring You Back In Time

Sri Lanka, with its tradition and historical background, offers tourists a distinctive journey. One of which is an exposure to the ancient cities in the various regions. The ancient cities represent religion, architecture, and lifestlye of the earlier times.


Esala Perahara

Esala Perahera: Honoring Buddha’s Purloined Tooth

Esala Perahera can be exhausting and, at times, overwhelming, but it’s one of the world’s best examples of how collective effervescence can encompass not only locals and devotees, but anyone who’s lucky enough to take part in this ancient, alluring festival.


File:Cup of tea (High Speed Photography)-MJ.jpg

Top 5 Tea Countries Every Tea Lover Should Visit

Fancy some tea tasting in these countries?


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