On a busy weekday, the main roads and streets of Sri Lanka are crammed with hustling buses and resounding honks carrying great crowds of rushing students and workers. Buses are fast and affordable to most passengers, but one has to know the how it works in order to enjoy the crazy adventure.

Here are some tips for first-timer bus riders.

1. Bring a fan.

Not all buses have AC. It might be a smart idea to bring a fan to waft yourself of the heat and sweat.

2. Arrive at the bus stop early.

To secure a seat for yourself, arrive at the bus stop early. Make sure to know the corresponding bus number that goes to your destination. You may download and print a copy of the bus routes for your reference.

3. Know the necessary contact numbers.

In case of an incident or an emergency, you know which numbers to call.

Sri Lanka Transport Board - 011755555

Private Transport Services Ministry - 071 6550000

4. Be aware of the reserved seats.

The first two seats in front of the bus are reserved seats for the Buddhist monks.

5. Prepare coins and smaller bills.

The bus fares are not really costly. They range from 10 - 50 rupees.To save time and hassle inside the crowded bus, bring coins or the exact amount of your fare.

6. Wear comfortable clothes.

The buses are packed and you might be standing the whole time. Wear flat shoes or sandals and wear something light that will enable you to move easily.

7. Don't be afraid.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask around. Sri Lankans are friendly and will try to help you out.

8. Learn some useful expressions in the local language.

It helps to know words like, "keehiyada" (how much), "ow" (yes), "sthoothi" (thank you), "samaa venna" (excuse me). These words will be handy when you get around the the city's roads and streets.

9. Be prepared for a different style of driving.

In the recent news published, in the past ten months, more than 169 persons have died due to bus accidents. Some passengers fall off the footboard of the bus. Some buses drive recklessly and overtake other buses for a bet.

10. Know the types of buses for your reference.

There are 4\four colors to watch out for buses on the road. Yellow buses represent the Normal Service. Green buses represent the Luxury Service which is double the amount of the normal price. Blue buses represent the Semi-Luxury Service which is one and a half times the normal price. Purple buses represent the Super Luxury which is three times the normal price.

There is a little discomfort and menace in getting around Sri Lanka by bus, however, it is also one adventure that a traveller would not want to miss.

Have you tried riding the bus to Sri Lanka? Share your stories below!