Because of its verdure and traditional surroundings, Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is said to be the sanctuary for reviving one's body and spirit. It provides the perfect scene to those who would like to take the time off from their active lifestyle. Get yourself a fragment of this country and treat yourself to these 5 amazing fountains of peace and wellness. 

The publication of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation entitled "Tourism Highlights" states that visits to Europe from January to June of this year have increased by 3%. It is apparent that more and more travellers desire to explore the European continent. There are 44 countries, four dependent territories and more than 900 cities to discover.

Get yourself a fragment of this country and treat yourself to these 5 amazing fountains of wellness.

1. Ulpotha

This 22-acre place is highly worthy for a moment of detox and abstention from an excessively occupied life.This exceptional village is located at the center of Sri Lanka near to a lake and mountains. It takes about three hours to reach the place from the Bandaranaike International Airport. Pick-up and drop-off at the airport can be arranged with the staff of Ulpotha prior to the visit for an extra fee of about $100. 

Visitors to this haven benefited from the opulence of the community. There are Yoga and Tai-chi sessions conducted by qualified practitioners and certified therapists provide the Ayurvedic cure and treatments. Guests can swing on the hammock, swim at the lake, walk on the mountain, breathe fresh breeze, stay in a hut and sleep under the mosquito net.

If you want a moment to feel the energy of ancient living, Ulpotha is the perfect fit for you.

2. Soul and Surf Sri Lanka 

To those who would like to be in their water element, let this place embrace you with its wilderness.Situated close to the jungle and coastal river in the southern part in Ahangama, this place boasts of stunning villa accommodations with amazing offerings on guided meditation, surf out session, surf theory lesson, Pranayama session, Yoga class, canoe ride, Sri Lankan cooking class, massage, spa treatment, music gig, film night. Although it is costly, guests are satisfied with the whole team of Soul and Surf for the fantastic food, service and ambience.

3. Santani

Located in Kandy, this 50-acre area was specifically built to be a sustainable place for wellness, nutrition, retreat and cultural immersion programs.This hillside resort caters to guests who want a holistic approach to wellness, starting from cleansing to proper diet and fitness activities.

Although the setting is contemporary, the design of the retreat packages will disengage you from the modern world. The dishes served are of vegetarian kind aimed to purify your physical being. The concept of the spa is nestled in elevated spaces facing the layered rice fields. Guests can revel in thermal salt bath, steam and sauna. Santani can organize additional exciting pursuits like a tour to a nearby tea plantation, till at the paddy fields, or a trip to a wildlife safari.

4. Holistic Wellness Home -

If you hear about this wellness center, you will remember the Reiki tradition. Nestled in Rajagiriya, Holistic Wellness Home is regarded as the most outstanding hub for the Reiki and Energetic Healing in Sri Lanka. Aside from that, this center also highlights the approach of body scanning with the biofield viewer.

This place is home to those who wish to break free from negativities in life and would like to start anew. Guests who have been to this wellness haven gave remarkable praises about the practitioners who have helped in changing their lives.

5.  Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort

Found at the sultry landscape of Wadduwa, this place is known for its long-standing vestige of customs and heritage. It features a beautiful range of chalets, pool, yoga and meditation areas and event amenities.

What sets this retreat apart from others is their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, done most especially, for the preservation of the environment, welfare of the less privileged citizens and growth of the Ayurveda community.

In terms of cuisines at the hotel, Siddhalepa takes pride in their dishes which are aligned to the principles of Ayurveda. In fact, they earned the credibility as the resort which prepares the finest food that not any other hotels in the country can surpass.