Every family loves planning spectacular vacations together, but when it comes to organizing big European trips, there are far too many things to consider. With so many options to choose from, the task of choosing the perfect venue for both parents and kids to enjoy can prove to be a Herculean task. To help shorten your list of locations, we've prepared you this list of Europe's Top Five Family Vacation Spots.

1. Rome: A city of history, romance, and gelato

The remarkably rich history and culture of Rome makes it a must-see location for any tourist. For families, it presents a rich mixture of beautiful scenery, kid-friendly museums, fun historical stories about gladiators and Roman gods, as well as incomparably delicious meals.

The U.S News and World Report have ranked Rome as the number one best place to visit in Europe and the eighth best place to visit in the world. With rankings like that, Rome should easily find its way onto your family's must-see locations.

2. London: A magically poetic trip

The birthplace of many literary gods and goddesses, London has gracefully succeeded in allowing the old to meet the new. Families will be charmed by the city's rustic feel, while still finding modern entertainment as it has also become a fashion and music powerhouse.

Also check out famous spots such as the London Zoo and Big Ben. Don't forget to catch the latest fashions in London's top destinations such as Oxford Street is also sure to be fun for every family member.

3. Athens: The power of the ancients

When it comes to historical giants, no civilization even comes close to the glory of Greece. As it stands, no city can ever hope to rival the historical riches of Athens. With cobblestone streets and millennium-old ruins, BudgetTravel.com guarantees that this gorgeous city holds boundless fun things for you and your family to explore.

Check out the ruins of the Parthenon and the Theatre of Dionysus and lose yourselves in the colorful stories of the Greeks. As Greece is also home to many beautiful beaches and rich seafood, make your way ocean-side for a great beach day. It's sure to be a family trip you'll all love to remember.

4. Prague: A fairytale come to life

With vibrant colors adorning the streets, clear blue waters, and mystical hilltop castles, Prague has quickly transformed itself into an urban fairytale setting. Despite its dark past, it has grown into a beautiful prospering city that has grown to attract tourists from far and wide.

Kids will be absolutely captured by the city's standing castles, stories of princes and princesses, epic battles, and perseverant heroes that once roamed the streets of Prague. Not to mention, it is considered one of the best European destinations to visit on a budget.

5. Amsterdam: Europe's all-in-one

Though probably not a parent's first pick when choosing a European destination for the kids, Amsterdam has really cleaned up its act and kicked up its tourism gauge. Though known for some not-so-family-friendly activities, the beautiful city is actually home to one of the world's most romantic and educational settings.

Families will love riding bikes along the canals of Amsterdam, learning all about the Holocaust, experiencing the vibrant swirl paintings of van Gogh, and the beautiful seasonal changes.