The publication of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation entitled, "Tourism Highlights" states that visits to Europe from January to June of this year have increased by 3%. It is apparent that more and more travellers desire to explore the European continent. There are 44 countries, 4 dependent territories and more than 900 cities to discover.

Here is a list of photogenic cities in Europe that travellers can delve into.

1. Riga, Latvia

To those who have fondness for old-fashioned architecture, you will be enticed to walk on the cobblestone streets and visit the Old Town. Take your camera and capture the magnificent masterworks such as the Three Brothers, House of the Blackheads, Riga Cathedral, Art Nouveau and the Freedom Monument.

2. Tallinn, Estonia

To those who want to be enthralled by the structures of the Middles ages, this city is for you. Add the Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral to your itinerary and take pleasure in viewing the exterior and interior designs of the church. Go to the Toompea Castle and envisage the Danish conquest over Estonia. Stop at the Old Town and marvel at the historical heritage.

3. Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is known for its lush and fresh sceneries. Tourists who visit this amazing city can benefit from the varied sights of the Feskekörka fish market, Haga Nygata town, Liseberg Amusement Park, and Älvsborg Fortress. When one goes up to the Skansen Kronan Fortress, one will see the wonderful view of the city. When one decides to go cycling, one will delight in the forest trails.

4. Biarritz, France

This luxurious city boasts of its strong waves and trendy beach and makes it a home to surfers. Set out to the Grande Plage and take a stroll on its sandy shore. Visit the Chapelle Impériale and learn how it came to be. Feel the aristocracy of the Place Georges-Clemenceau and take a walk on its street.

There are many options of cities and countries in Europe that might attract your eyes and prod your feet to travel to this exquisite continent next year. Bring your camera and take the most photogenic view.