If you are looking for some ideas this winter, you can consider some of the destinations recommended by National Geographic Travel experts. On their list of best places to visit this winter, editors go beyond perennial favorites like Florida and the ski slopes of Whistler Blackcomb or Vail to offer up travel ideas, which include the budget-friendly ski hills of Bulgaria and the stunning beaches of Sri Lanka.

Russia's St. Peterburg for Winter Lovers- The architecture of the city is stunning to begin with. Add a soft powdery snow layer to the ornate Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ's peaks, the city, the Hermitage, and the Winter Palace transforms into a living fairy tale that is frozen in time. The winter scene of frozen canals and rivers is downright magical.

Quebec City for holiday cheer- With fairy lights adorning every tree and doorway, Chateau Frontenac and old cobblestone streets looming large at every turn, the city of Quebec welcomes tourists to the bygone era of the old world's Dickensian Christmases. Quebec City also hosts the world's largest winter carnival of its kind, which this year takes place 27th of January to 12th of February. (Find out more winter destinations here.)

Bulgaria's Bansko for Sport Aficionados- Tight-budgeted skiers will want to consider the Bansko, Bulgaria slopes, known as one of Europe's best bargain winter sports destinations. However, don't expect the glitz of Zermatt or black diamond runs as this budget-friendly option is a low-cost, no-frills experience.

Tonga for the Adventure- Located between New Zealand and Fiji, the Tonga island is expensive to reach for American travelers, but affordable to explore. Travelers looking to escape civilization can try jumping off shipwrecks, discovering coral atolls and pristine beaches and swimming in an underground lake.

Sri Lanka's Galle for the Warm Weather- Sri Lanka's Dutch colonial town of Galle may not be top in the list of beach lovers, but the Indian Ocean's palm-fringed town makes for an ideal base for sand day trips and surfs, MSN said.