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British Tourist Islands

The Isolated Magic Of Britain's Five Iconic Tourist Islands

Britain's iconic islands isolate and reinvigorate travelers from their daily wearies, even just for a weekend getaway. These islands offer hikes, mountain-biking trails, mountain climbing and plays host to a great number of rare animal species.


Cape Verde -- Boa Islands

British Foreign Office Bans Travel To Cape Verde, Here's Why

Britain's Foreign Offce advises against travel to Cape Verde for massive spike in criminal activity including pickpocketing, mugging, burglaries and sexual assaults.


Popular Tourist Destinations In Central London

Britain’s Red Telephone Box Remodeled

The iconic red telephone boxes in Britain are coming back to life in the digital age.


UK Brexit

British Could Find International Travel More Expensive Due To Failing Pound Sterling

British travelers could spend more on holiday destinations in the EU or even the rest of the world due to the reduced value of the pound sterling. But it does bring some benefits for the UK itself -- tourism has improved for the country with its more affordable services after Brexit.


Colombia Business Breakfast Meeting

UK Prime Minister Flies to US To Meet Trump

After his inauguration last Friday as the 45th US President, Donald Trump is set to meet with Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, this Friday,


Travel Tips: The 5 World's Most Scenic Train Rides

Enjoying the moment means to sit back, relax and enjoy the view through any of the world's 5 most scenic train rides.


Traveling To The UK For The Holidays? Watch Out for Three Storms, Traffic Chaos

Traveling To The UK For The Holidays? Watch Out for Three Storms, Traffic Chaos

Weather forecasters say it's going to be a stormy week in the UK. Officials warn that Storm Barbara will bring gales to much of the UK and storm force winds to parts of Scotland.


The Wedding Of Princess Madeleine & Christopher O'Neill - Atmosphere

Brexit News 2016: Number Of British Applying For Swedish Citizenship Doubled Since Voting To 'Leave'

Britons who are applying for Swedish citizenship are doing so in impressive numbers this year.


Tube Strike Cripples London Public Transport System

UK Travel News: British City Holds Title Of Longest Commute-To-Work Travel Time

In one of the largest surveys of Moovit transport app, Britons have the longest commute in Europe, where many working individuals spend more than two hours per day on buses and trains.


Artisanal Beer Brewers Find Growing Niche In Berlin

The Best Cities In The World For Beer

Beer - that heart-warming drink that you consider your companion. Brewed to perfection by the finest artisans, it's hard to avoid its impeccable goodness and taste. The best city for the perfect brew? That's a pretty hard question. Below are cities considered as the places-to-be when looking for that perfect beer that would just dance with your taste buds.


Stronger In Campaign Gather Together To Wait For The Eu Referendum Result

Britain: A Great Value Destination with Brexit-Created Bargains

According to recent figures released by VisitBritain and the airline data analysis firm ForwardKeys, bargain-hunting international travelers grabbed the opportunity to book trips to the freshly discounted U.K. Resulting to the “Brexit” vote, also known as the June 24 Referendum, July was the utmost month ever for inbound tourism to the UK. There have been an estimated 3.8 million visitors descending in the country.


UK Tourism Set To Benefit From Weak Pound

Brexit Made Britain Tour Cheaper for Travelers

A few months ago, Britain made a decision to leave European Union and not everyone is pleased. If people think that this move will not affect travelers in any way, then they'd have to think again.


Protestors Attend Anti-Brexit Rallys Across The UK

british needs passport to EU

Britons might need a visa to enter the EU after Brexit. The proposed scheme will be based on the United States' ESTA scheme.


Top 5 Supersitions in Britain Involving Good Luck

Top 5 Supersitions In Britain Involving Good Luck

In Britain, there are many beliefs that involve bad luck or good luck. The following are some of the many British superstitions involving good luck.


Top 5 Supersitions in Britain involving Bad Luck

Top 5 Supersitions in Britain Involving Bad Luck

A superstition is a belief that something causes another event, usually good fortune or bad luck, even though they are not directly connected to each other. This article will focus on the top 5 British superstitions associated with bad luck. Read to find out about them.


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