A few months ago, Britain made a decision to leave European Union and not everyone is pleased. If people think that this move will not affect travelers in any way, then they'd have to think again.

Although Britain is still likely to remain a member of the European Union for at least two years, immediate signs of the Brexit aftermath can be felt like the lower exchange rate. According to NY Times, it was the lowest recorded rate between dollar and the British pound in about 30 years.

"For lots of people, London is traditionally an expensive tourist destination, and with this shift the U.K. and specifically London probably are now within reach for a lot of U.S.-based travelers," the news site added. So, is it the best time to travel to Britain?

Absolutely! For the past months, airfares to Europe were as low as $400 and $500. Unlike a couple of years ago, airfares to Europe ranges from $1,000 to $1,800, NY Times reports.

Meanwhile, budget for business travels will be cut down due to slow economic growth caused by Brexit. Hotel rates will fall in 2017 not only because of Brexit but according to The Jakarta Post, the series of terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and Germany contributed in the cascading number of business and leisure travelers across Europe.

When everything is settled down and Britain is officially out of the European Union, citizens of member state of the European Union might not have the same privilege as they used to. One perk of living in a member state is the borderless travel, but this may change in the coming years as Europeans traveling to Britain may need visa as well.

For now, people are changing their travel plans and many are taking advantage of the decrease in foreign exchange rates despite the travel bans and terrorist attacks. This situation may not last forever and so, don't miss the opportunity of vacationing to one of the top destinations in the world.