Year 2016 is finally upon us and people tend to greet the New Year with food, fireworks and superstitions. All of these aim to improve one's fortune throughout the year. In Britain, there are many beliefs that involve bad luck or good luck. The following are some of the many British superstitions involving good luck.

1. If you are able to extinguish all the candles of your birthday cake in one blow, you will get your birthday wish. There are many theories that support this, and the source is not certain. In other countries, the birthday tradition also involves arranging one candle per year. In Switzerland, the candles are blown one by one instead of in one go.

2. You should keep a hair lock taken from a baby's first haircut as it is said to bring good luck. This is probably because the baby's innocence is 'locked' in that tiny piece of hair.

3. The feet of the rabbit are considered a bringer of good fortune. Some even bring with them 'lucky rabbit's foot' that are not really made out of the real animal. Rabbits have always been symbols of good luck, for instance, the Easter bunny who freely gives egg-shaped chocolates to kids. Even saying the words 'rabbit' or 'white rabbit' is also said to improve someone's fate.

4. Everyone has this certain pants or underwear that acts as a good luck charm. According to a research in U.K., more than 800,000 people believe that their odds improve if they wear their favorite underpants. Students use them during their exams while athletes wear them during competitions.

5. You are lucky if you meet a Magpie because they are believed to be fond of shiny things according to an 18th century rhyme that goes 'One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for secret, never to be told.' The secret being referred to the poem is said to be the black and white bird.