A majority of Britons might still be celebrating Brexit but that did not come without a trade-off because they will need to apply for a visa when they vacation to Europe according to Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

Although there haven't been any announcements yet, Rudd said that she is not ruling out the possibility that countries in the European Union will require a visa for Britons who want to enter the EU. She said that this issue came up over the weekend.

Rudd also added that British citizens are prepared for such requirements but issued a warning that Britain will also create a similar system for Europeans who want to travel to the UK.

The proposed visa system might be modeled from the United States ESTA scheme which requires visitors who come from countries that do not need a full visa to apply online at a cost of £10 ($14). Visitors will have to secure that visa at least 72 hours before they travel to the EU.

Before Brexit, Britons can travel freely into the EU using only their passport. After Brexit, however, and the new scheme in place, Britons will have to go through the visa application process. Experts say that this visa policy should be part of the Brexit talks and both parties should be open for negotiations for that matter. 

"It's going to annoy a lot of people. We can ask for full free movement, but any arrangement is going to have to be reciprocal, so you have to ask what Nigel Farage and the others will accept. We have no idea what the rules will be," said Steve Peers, an expert on EU law at the University of Essex. 

According to the EU commission, they are creating a draft for travel information travel and authorization to the EU nations in hopes to tighten security after France and Belgium had been wracked by terror attacks.