Planning a last-minute trip for the holidays, but are budget-conscious? Don’t worry, below are destinations that won’t hurt your bank accounts.

Based in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is perfect for backpackers and anyone who is willing to explore a country rich in culture and history.

And the best part of it all, it is really cheap here. For an amount of $15-$30/day, you could go around the cities. You could experience 5-star luxury here without the high price tag.

Skyscanner shared a few places and activities in Cambodia that shouldn’t be missed:

The Killing Fields just outside of Phnom Penh is a mass grave in Cambodia that earths around one million Cambodians who were executed during the regime of Khmer Rouge. Make sure that you emotionally prepare yourself for this.

Make sure to eat a Kampot Pepper Crab and cruise the Mekong River too.

Quebec City, Canada

Fair warning: trips to Canada might be overbooked these coming holidays because of the US Election results. But still, Quebec City must not be missed. At an estimate of $100-$250/day, you will be able to experience the striking architecture, much like Europe, and walk along the timeless cobble steps of this Francophone City.

Jacques-Cartier National Park is the “province wildlife” close to the city. So after your visit here, you could stop by Old Quebec. The hotel Chateau Frontenal stands in all its glory here.

The Montmorency Falls must also not be skipped. You could view it from Parc de La Chute-Montmorency or zip line through the cove of the falls.

During winter, the spray freezes at the bottom of the falls to form a “sugar loaf”.

Budapest, Hungary
If de-stressing is what you want, visit the natural thermal waters in Budapest, Hungary. Known as the “City of Spas”, other than baths, it also overflows with cakes, liquor and pristine architecture.

Meals are around 2 euros and there are hotels that range from 10 to 40 euros. Bed-Breakfast Hotel Budapest offers a nightly room rate of 29 euros.

As for the bath houses, there are thousands in Budapest. But #1 on our list is the bath houses in Gellert. May it be a romantic date, or a business meeting, it is Hungarian culture to do them here.


When what you want is a low-key destination that doesn’t really pop up on search engines, this infant Southeast Asian country is perfect. Being only acknowledged as a country last 2002, its tourism industry is still beginning.

With this, Timor-Leste is pretty affordable. Just take note that ATM machines are scarce in the les-urban areas. Don't fret though, because Timor-Leste's currency is in US dollars, so just make sure to bring cash.
There are only a few tourists, and most of the time they are volunteers. But that’s the great thing about it, you could genuinely enjoy the sultriness of the island without hurting your pockets.

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