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Asia's Luxurious Pet-Friendly Hotels

Travelers Today       By    Nicole Ynayan

Updated: Nov 07, 2016 05:58 AM EST

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Petco will open four more pet hotels this year.
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For most loving owners, their pets are best friends or members of their families. As such, it's easy to see why they'd want to take their furry pals with them on vacation. However, it can be kind of a pain finding a hotel that is willing to accommodate them.

Hope is not lost, though, as there are some luxury hotels in Asia that are fully equipped to serve humans and pets alike. Check out our top picks for hotels that can offer you and your animal companion the top-class experience you've been looking for.

The Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotels around the world have been marked by pet owners as great accommodations. Their pet policy is dependent on the branch you're staying in, but all allow pets.

This luxurious five-star hotel and resort chain provides pet beds and water bowls for your companion. Some Four Seasons Hotels even feature a food menu for pets so that your pooch can relax and dine in style.

The Four Seasons has hotels all over Asia, from Thailand, Singapore and Japan. For a full list of hotels, visit their website at

The Hilton

Hilton hotels have received global attention for their pet hospitality policy, granting up to two pets per luxury pet-friendly suite. This internationally recognized hotel conglomerate is known for offering first-class accommodation, service, and amenities.

The hotels' pet-friendly rooms come equipped with stain-proof, water-proof pet beds, water bowls, and complimentary pet kits, complete with clean-up bags and tasty treats. In addition, all pet-related furniture has been designed to blend in with the room furniture.

The global hospitality company is easily accessible from most major Asian cities. With hotels standing in Manila, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the Hilton is an amazing option for you and your pet companion.


This international hotel and resort powerhouse boasts locations in five continents. With regal-themed rooms and premium services, the sophisticated residences of Fairmont are perfect getaways for you and your pet.

Pet policies for Fairmont hotels vary from location to location. Most Asian locations come with free pet policies, or allow pets for a certain extra price. However, pet policies of these hotels come with certain restrictions such as the banning of pets from areas such as the restaurants or pools.

Despite these restrictions, the Fairmont is still a luxurious option for first-class accommodation while travelling with a pet. For bookings, inquiries, and a list of locations, visit their website.

Westin Hotels and Resorts

The upscale, contemporary residences of Westin Hotels and Resorts feature their very own trademarked menus, furniture, and room designs. With their trademarked eat well, sleep well and feel well features, it's guaranteed to bring you the R&R you and your pet have been yearning for.

The Westin offers a pet policy for dogs only, so cat lovers may have to choose from the others mentioned in this list. However, pooch owners are provided with a Westin trademarked Heavenly Dog Bed, water and food bowls.

These hotels and resorts may be found in all parts of the globe, including Asian sites such as Macau and Chosun. More information can be found here.

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