Airlines have always gotten a bad reputation for their infamously generic "chicken or beef" menus when you fly economy class. It became common knowledge that flying first-class was the only way to get a decent meal 30, 000 feet in the air.

Fortunately, in 2016, things are looking up for coach passengers as airlines are making significant improvements on their economy class meals. If you're planning a trip that requires a long flight and several meals on-board, you might want to consider choosing these airlines first.

1. Cathay Pacific

This Hong Kong-based international airline has always been known as a frontrunner among the world's best airlines. Although Cathay Pacific is known for its roomy cabins, first-class service and comfortable flights, it is widely known for its delectable in-flight food.

Cathay offers a menu that features oriental cuisine such as rice dishes, noodle soups, and curries that are guaranteed to satisfy every palate. In addition, Cathay offers a wide variety of special meals for different diet restrictions, each carefully catered to the needs of its passengers. The Cathay Pacific website supplies a descriptive list of all their special meals available upon request.

2. Turkish Airlines

This member of the star alliance has been known to be a travelling foodie favorite. Aside from the complementary drinks and the abundance of legroom, Turskish Airlines has gotten much praise for its truly remarkable economy class meals.

This national flag-bearing airline delivers passengers with a variety of fresh sandwiches, Greek coffees, and a delicious mix of international cuisines. With its hearty entrees, fresh fruits, vegetables, and extensive special order menu, this airline is a great option if you're looking to get a great in-flight meal.

3. Thai Airways

Hopper and Travel + Leisure both agree that this premium airline features some of the most incredible in-flight meals. Featuring meals that celebrate the country's national cuisine, it's the best option for adventurous eaters travelling in economy class. As a great bonus, they even have an open bar available to economy class passengers.

With meal offerings such as Pad Thai noodles, massaman curries, and exotic Southeast Asian dishes, Thai Airways soars to steal one of the top spots in terms of in-flight dining. Furthermore, passengers who are looking to get dishes that are more suited to their taste, Thai Airways has a wide variety of international dishes upon request.